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At Kasbahouse we believe that everything we do has an impact on the planet - big or small - good or bad.

For us, embracing a greener lifestyle means making BIG decisions and looking at small details in a way that we believe improve our lifestyles and help our planet. We take these steps at the office and each member of our team takes this mentality home.

These are the steps we take to make Kasbahouse GREENER, and we are constantly trying to find more ways to be more ecologically responsible:

The small details:

1) We bank online - we pay all vendors via electronic payment and use credit cards that we pay online.

2) We use any piece of paper on both sides.

3) We never print documents for reminders - as many people know this is a useless but very standard practice in the offices. When one needs to remember a pending order, or any other detail, many of us print the order and keep it in front of us as a reminder.

4) We use email for every communication - no paper notes, or paper messages allowed

5) We ask our vendors to send us all catalogs and price lists via email, when possible.

6) We shred any old catalogs and use them as packing material.

7) We reuse all boxes that bring in merchandise from suppliers - we turn them around and use them to ship our own merchandise to customers.

8) We send all purchase orders via email, nothing is printed or faxed.

9) We do not drink bottled water.

10) We shut down our computers at the end of the day, never leave them idle.

11) We use electronic fax and save the documents in the computer; we do not actually have a fax machine.

The bigger things:

1) We hire locally. And thus we avoid long commutes by our team.

2) We allow team members to work from home; especially Moms who get a double advantage of being at home when kids arrive from school. By taking the commute off the schedule, we win more hours, pollute less, spend less and have happier employees.

3) We constantly try hard to choose high quality merchandise to offer our customers, so the products bought from Kasbahouse will last longer and will be less likely to end up in trash dumps and creating more pollution.

4) We work exclusively with a web hosting Company which operates and cools the servers with 100% emission-free power generation. The computers hosted and managed by our hosting company emit no CO2.

At Kasbahouse we continue to provide an excellent service to our customers; and in the process we actually feel we do something every day to help the environment. To us, this is an important achievement; and we will continue to find more ways to make a difference.

Thank you for your business, for your time, and for your concern about our planet.

The Team at Kasbahouse












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